Metaphysical Healing Tools by Gabriel

We're glad to offer a selection of healing tools and jewelry by local artist Gabriel Gathmann. He uses charged crystals, metal and minerals cast in resin known as 'orgonite' that have a harmonizing, protective and uplifting effect on the environment and living beings around his work. Come in to see what is currently in stock or find out more about getting a custom piece made specifically with stones or healing properties you desire.

Gabriel Gathmann Stardust Alchemy

orgonite pyramids

Resin cast pyramids with crystals and metals broadcast a positive life force energy field into the environment. Chaotic vibrations from modern technology (electromagnetic frequencies) are smoothed out and made coherent by passing through the pyramid geometry and crystalline structures of the quartz and precious stones inside. Great for common areas, bedrooms and a meditation or yoga room. The materials inside have different metaphysical properties activating and clearing certain chakras in the body.

Gabriel Gathmann

power pendants

These energizing and protective amulets help keep your energy field in check while you go about your daily routine. Packed with shungite, black tourmaline, powdered metals, herkimer diamonds and other crystals, they help transmute EMFs and ground your energy field.

artist Gabriel gathmann

Gabriel is a life long artist called to make healing energy tools 5 years ago. It's been a full time pursuit for him guided by intuition and source to learn about the alchemy of combining earth materials in a form for others to enjoy. Each handmade piece has it's own unique vibrational hum. Gabriel is also an amateur herbalist and makes plant potions and medicine from foraging local herbs, plants and tree material in the area.