Golden Bough Signature Facial
(As seen in Day Spa Magazine )
Layering Technologies in a customized treatment using diamond and sapphire micro- dermabrasion, micro-current facial muscle toning, cold laser, ultra sound and LED regenerating lights. 1-hour. $85


Living Waters Flower Facial
Our own wonderful creation facial therapy. Helps reduce inflammation and detox the skin! Incorporates lymphatic drainage, micro-current facial toning, oxygen infusion using serums and hydrosol flower waters to infuse your skin with the ultimate hydration. 1 $90


Golden Bough Pure Clearing Facial
A treatment for clogged pores and stressed and sensitive skin using enzyme peels or microdermabrasion, cold laser to calm, ultrasound, blue LED light, and customized mask. 1-hour. $85


Just for Men
Facial treatment including deep pore cleanse and facial acupressure massage, warmed facial towels, LED light rejuvenation and customized mask. 1-hour $75


In The Clouds Tibetan Facial
Beautiful treatment to reduce stress, using rose hips to exfoliate the skin , sea buckthorn vitamin C for cellular regeneration, massage of face, neck and shoulders using acupressure and warm stones. Finish with 18 HerbTibetan mask. 1-hour. $90


Heaven and Earth
Enjoy this sumptuous treatment which begins with our Signature Customized Facial.
Then continues with a Reflexology Foot Massage and Foot Wraps. 1 1/2 hours $120


Crystal Healing Garden
Our Signature Facial followed by the Chakra Clearing Crystal Healing Bed therapy.

The "Crystal Bed is the name given to this Healing device. The bed has 7 clear quartz crystals suspended 12 inches above a client lying on a massage table. Each of the quartz crystals has a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the seven energy centers or chakras. Colored lights chosen to match the chakra colors , radiate light and energy thru the crystals to each respective chakra, and shine on and offing certain patterns to cleanse, balance, and align your energies. The client receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing and relaxing in the energy. 1 1/2 Hrs. $115


***All facials and energy therapies including Crystal Healing Bed are given as you recline On a Amythest Bio-Mat.