Waxing Services

Brow $15 and up

Lip $8 and up

Chin $10 and up

Full Face $25 and up

Brow Tinting $20


Body Treatments

Raindrop Therapy (with a twist)
Traditional aromatherapy treatment to bring , help detoxify. Several essential oils are used and sprinkled like falling raindrops along the spine,and feet, warm towels are applied over this and we have added a short session under our steam canopy. Wonderful treatment especially in the fall as cold and flu season approaches. This therapy helps rev up the immune system. helps detoxify and general Clearing. 1hour. $75

Golden Bough Steam Wraps

Seasonal treatments using specialty essential oils and organic lotions applied to the body and then enjoying our steamy wonder canopy. 1 hour $90

1. Cocoa Butter, shea butter, and appropriate oils to hydrate and improve skin texture

2. Champagne, and Rose Butter Cream. Rich in antioxidants and luxurious rose butter to pamper

Several others are offered and will appear as our Special

Hot Stone Foot Therapy 
A very Healing and relaxing treatment incorrperating a foot soak exfoliation with our own pedi fizz bath bomb, a warm Stone Foot massage and reflexology. Feet are then wrapped in warm towels.......preformed by Certified Reflexologist. 1hour. $75